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Are you overwhelmed with work, school or daily activities and the endless noise in the city?

Welcome to Chaka Ranch, the place to relax, unwind and have loads of fun with your colleagues, classmates or friends.

Chaka Ranch Leisure Park, an exciting adrenaline filled getaway on the slopes of Mount Kenya, a stunning view of Mount Kenya, BBQs, food court, a bar and seating area with a beautiful dam view.

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All the arena activities plus lunch and a soft drink for only Kshs 4,950

**Lunch menu includes**

  • Nyama Choma or fry – goat
  • Mukimo/Ugali/Chips
  • Kachumbari/Veges
  • Soda or juice 

Activities available at the arena:

  • Bubble football
  • Basketball,
  • Climbing activities
  • Soccer shoot out
  • Wipe out
  • Obstacle course

Other activities (Optional) include:

  • Senior Quad bikes
  • Magibuggy
  • Racing buggy TT 

Come have fun, jiwachilie!!

Thank you for booking with us

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